Condition Guide

These are Used items.They don't have exactly the same condtion.Then we checked whole point and give a grade to these from our experience and knowlegde.Also feedback from market price too.

We are mostly checking below 7 Points.

3S Shape whole item
Scafmark Foront /Bacside /bottom
Scratch Corner
2S Clasp Any hardwear
Color change Stain
1 Intritior Condition Stain /Sticky /pen mark
1 Rips inside /outside

Conpare New condition

Check Point Rank Conpare to New condition
0~1 New 100~95
2~3 A+ 95~80
3~5 AB 80~65
5~7 B 65~

Those are only some part of our quality check points, and there are many other points to check out product authenticities and qualities on top of those.

A conditon

AB conditon


B+ conditon

B conditon